Cook Job Description Template

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What is Cook?

A cook works in a restaurant, cafe, or other catering establishments. The main task of the employee is to prepare dishes from the menu in accordance with the orders of customers. The cook may slightly change the recipe of a food item if the guest has asked to exclude a certain ingredient.

Cook Job Description Template

Sample Company owns a chain of restaurants and offers unique meals to customers. In connection with the expansion of our business, we are looking for a qualified cook who will prepare delicious dishes, following the recipes from our menu. The candidate must use their cooking skills to complete all orders quickly and efficiently. The applicant will be required to perform their duties as a team with the rest of the restaurant staff, adhere to sanitation standards, and be prepared to work night shifts.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare dishes according to restaurant recipes;
  • Keep the utensil’’s clean;
  • Interact with other workers in the kitchen to speed up cooking;
  • Ensure the ingredients are fresh before use;
  • Operate the grill, oven, roaster, silverware, and other kitchen equipment;
  • Decorate the finished dish to create an attractive appearance.

Skills and qualifications

  • University degree or culinary school diploma would be an advantage;
  • Experience in a restaurant is preferred;
  • Strictly follow the recipes;
  • Ability to work in a team with other staff;
  • High level of culinary skills;
  • Physical endurance for effective work throughout the entire shift.

Additional position options

  • Free meals during lunch break;
  • Company events
  • Discounts on the services of all restaurants of the company;
  • Free trainings and webinars for professional development;
  • Medical insurance.

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Duties and Responsibilities

The main task of the cook is to fulfill the client's order by preparing a delicious dish. The employee uses fruits, vegetables, condiments, meat, fish, and other ingredients from stocks in the kitchen. The worker must monitor the amount of food in the refrigerator and the warehouse and inform the manager in time about the lack of food items. To perform duties, the cook must learn the recipes for all the dishes that the restaurant offers. If the customer asks to exclude certain ingredients from the dish (for example, due to allergies), the employee must comply with these conditions. To organise fast and high-quality work, the worker coordinates tasks with waiters, dishwashers, chefs, other cooks, the supply department, the manager of the establishment, and other staff. Other responsibilities include:

  • Make sure that the grill, fryer, and other equipment are in good working order, the tables are clean, the ingredients are fresh, and the utensils are in their places;
  • Keep track of the items in stock;
  • Keep the kitchen clean and follow safety precautions;
  • Monitor the amount of waste and store excess food in the refrigerator or freezer;
  • Assist other cooks as needed;
  • Chopping, peeling, baking, roasting, steaming vegetables, meat, fish, etc.

Skills and qualifications

One of the main requirements for candidates for the position of cook is good culinary skills. Food must be of high quality, but also be prepared in a timely manner. Therefore, the employee must know the basic cooking technologies, the correct temperature of dishes, and other parameters. The worker must learn the names of all dishes from the menu and recipes for their preparation. Other requirements include:

  • Be able to use kitchen equipment, including electrical appliances;
  • Communication skills with other employees and customers;
  • Ability to work in noisy environments;
  • Ability to work weekends and holidays;
  • Multitasking and organisation;
  • Be old enough to work in a food service establishment that serves alcohol.

Experience requirements

Not all companies require work experience. On the other hand, if the candidate has previously worked as a kitchen assistant or similar position, they are more likely to be hired. After a few years of working in a restaurant, a cook can get a promotion.

Education requirements

Secondary education is a mandatory requirement for submitting a CV. A Bachelor's degree would be an advantage. A candidate with a culinary school diploma can get a high-paying job. Cooking classes or customer service courses can also help.


What does a Cook do?

The cook prepares dishes from the restaurant menu following the client's order. The employee must have knowledge of handling fresh ingredients and different kitchen equipment. They will also have to ensure the temperature of food, speed of cooking and presentation is of standard when presenting food to customers. They also have to keep check of stock and cleanliness in the workplace.

What are the qualities of a good cook?

The professional worker cooperates with other chef’’s, the kitchen porters, waitress/waitress and the manager. They know how to prepare vegetables, meat, fish, and other products and skillfully work with a grill, oven, and fryer. A good cook always monitors the cleanliness of dishes and food products.

Who does a Cook report to?

Depending on where they work, a cook may report to a chef, a kitchen manager, or even a restaurant director. If an employee works in a large establishment, they may be part of a team of cooks.

How much does a cook make?

At the start of 2023, a chef earns an average of almost $2,500 per month. The salary depends on the education and experience of the candidate. An employee may receive bonuses for working on weekends or night shifts.