Counter Assistant / Cashier Job Description Template

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What is a Counter Assistant / Cashier?

A Counter Assistant normally works in a bank, retail, fast-food/ takeaway shops or at events. They help with the sales of businesses by taking orders, accepting payments and serving food, drinks or merchandise to customers. They will work closely with the rest of the team at the store, so will need to know the availability of items in stock. At the end of their shift, they will need to report to their manager to ensure that the finances at the till are correct.

Counter Assistant / Cashier Job Description Template

Sample Company is a brand well-known for its friendly atmosphere, top quality service, and brilliant skilled staff. We are looking for a hard-working candidate for the duty of a counter assistant, they will take responsibility for working with cash, bank cards, cheques, receipts, and help with checking equipment inventory. A brilliant counter assistant will have excellent organisation and communication skills, along with the ability to ensure all the rules and laws when working with customers. There are two main types of counter assistants: – Within retail, fast food industry or at events. They will be in charge of taking customer orders, scanning items, accepting cash/card payments, serving food, drinks or merchandise to customers. Counter assistants working in the food industry will need to advice customers on the allergens when working with food/drinks. – Within Banks. Counter assistants here will be in charge of taking payments from customers in the form of cash, card, cheques or money transfers. They will also have the responsibility of maintaining the banking database and adding data and making changes to it. Thus, it is much more than sales in a shop.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Handling cash, bank cards, and different payments.
  • Provide customers with receipts.
  • Answer customer questions, offer them help and support, and providing outstanding sales service in a shop.
  • Create reports for managers

Skills and qualifications

  • Knowledge of the principle of working with such equipment as a cash register, a POS terminal.
  • The ability to use various computer programs to take orders or checkout items.
  • Abilty to work under pressure during busy periods
  • Ability to find counterfeit banknotes.
  • Communication skills for friendly conversation with customers
  • Ability to maintain concentration and calm during stressful situations that may occur with customers in a shop.

Additional position options

  • A flexible job schedule; the opportunity to work parttime.
  • Staff discount.
  • Company pension.
  • Company events.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Today, large retail chains, small shops, a bank, service stations, and a pharmacy hire counter assistants. They are required in all the companies that sell food and non-food products and services. Counter assistants must have financial literacy, and it is also important to possess the following skills:

  • Be able to work with specialised equipment and software.
  • Have knowledge of noncash payment technologies and skills in the use of relevant payment services.
  • Be able to process orders quickly and accurately
  • Great organisational skills to be able to take orders, payments, provide goods to the customers and being able to keep the counter clean

Skills and qualifications

To work in a customer facing role, you will need to have a friendly personality and be confident in communicating with customers. Thus experience working with customers in other industries or volunteering work is valued. You will also need to be confident in working with money and be able to work quickly when the store is busy. Other requirements include:

  • Attentiveness;
  • Provide great customer service and having a friendly attitude
  • Knowledge of items stocked at the store
  • Financial literacy;
  • Knowledge of allergens in foods

Experience requirements

To get the job of a counter assistant, you do not need to have extensive work experience and higher education or a diploma. Usually, you will learn and become a skilled counter assistant at the workplace.With education and skills, you become a senior counter assistant, shift supervisor, sales floor manager, and even store director.

Education requirements

A counter assistant within retail and fast food industry will not require any qualifications or previous work experience, making it a great job for students or as a first job. Within a bank, they may need a Bachelors degree as they will need to process sensitive information and handling large sums of money.


What is a counter assistant?

A counter assistant works at a Bank, in retail or the fast food industry. They are the main point of contact when a customer visits the business and will assist them in processing their orders.

What does a counter assistant do?

There are different duties according to the exact job position and description. The main role of a counter assistant is to take orders, process payments and provide the goods to the customers. In addition, there are counters-operators in Banks who are hired to assist in the banking system and carry out relevant operations, maintain the banking database, etc.

What are the requirements for a counter assistant?

Companies require skills and knowledge of the principle of working with a cash register, a barcode scanner, various computer programs, and other equipment. Important skills include attentiveness and the ability to recognise counterfeit banknotes. In addition, communication skills must be at a high level for this job.

What are the duties of a counter assistant?

The counter assistant accepts money from the customer, checks them for authenticity, sums up the purchase, and carries out all the transactions. They can also communicate with other staff members, create financial statements, and report to the management.