Host Job Description Template

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What is a Host?

The hostess and the host work in a restaurant, cafe, and other catering establishments. They meet guests, find a place for them in the dining room, and give them a menu. Hosts also take calls from customers to take table reservations. If necessary, they help other employees to improve the quality of the restaurant service.

Host Job Description Template

Sample Company owns a chain of the best restaurants in the city. Due to business expansion, we are looking for a sociable host or hostess. The candidate must have good communication skills to greet guests and seat them at a free table. The applicant will need to learn all the dishes from the menu to answer questions from customers. The employee must be willing to work weekends and night shifts. We offer high salaries, comfortable working conditions, and career progression opportunities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Greet visitors and say goodbye when they leave;
  • Manage table reservations in the restaurant;
  • Ensure there are silverware and menus on the table;
  • Maintain cleanliness in the reception area;
  • Help the waiter/waitress if necessary;
  • Handle customer calls.

Skills and qualifications

  • Experience in any position in a restaurant;
  • Secondary education;
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills;
  • Knowledge of the rules of hospitality and sanitation;
  • Ability to work in a team with a waiter, bartender, manager, and other staff of a catering establishment;
  • Be courteous when interacting with guests in person or by phone.

Additional position options

  • Free meals during the break;
  • Discounts on the services of all our restaurants;
  • Free trainings for professional development.

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Duties and Responsibilities

The hostess is an important employee of the restaurant as they improve the quality and speed of customer service. The main task of the host is to welcome guests and help them find a free table. If all tables are occupied or booked, an employee must escort visitors to the waiting area. The hostess can help the waitress so that orders are processed faster. The staff member makes sure guests have water, napkins, clean cutlery, and other resources. After the customers have had their meal/drinks, the worker should thank them for their visit and say goodbye. Other responsibilities include:

  • Help the food runner and the server set the table;
  • Confirm table reservation;
  • Keep the workplace clean;
  • Answer customer questions about the menu;
  • Receive feedback from guests;
  • Pay special attention to children and elderly visitors;
  • Accept additional orders;
  • Inform guests about current promotions;
  • Tell customers the name of the waiter;
  • Record the number of customers in the bar and dining room.

Skills and qualifications

The host must be friendly and polite when interacting with guests, as they are the first person the visitors at the restaurant/bar the customers meet. Therefore, it is important to make a positive impression. The employee should calmly respond to negative reviews and follow the hospitality policy. The candidate must learn all the dishes from the menu to make recommendations to customers. Knowledge of simple computer programs will help keep a record of visitors and accept reservation requests. Other responsibilities include:

  • Ability to work night shifts, weekends, and holidays;
  • Ability to work with a database;
  • Be calm in a stressful environment;
  • Multitasking and organisational skills;
  • Wear the uniform of the restaurant staff;
  • Follow safety and hygiene standards.

Experience requirements

Usually, the employer does not require experience. But if the candidate has worked as a host, waiter/waitress, bartender, or food runner before, they are more likely to be hired. Experience in the service industry would also be an advantage.

Education requirements

The hostess must have at least a secondary education. Higher education in the field of service or restaurant business is welcome. Diplomas in education in psychology or communication skills will help candidates get promoted faster.


What does a Host do?

The host greets the guests of the restaurant, seats them at the table, and gives them the menu. An employee can assist the waiter if they need to bring water or clean cutlery to customers. The employee also receives calls from customers who want to reserve a table. When the guests leave, the hostess says goodbye to them and collects feedback on the quality of services.

What are the qualities of a good Host?

A professional employee always communicates politely and is friendly with guests. They can tell customers the exact waiting time before a table becomes available. A qualified worker ensures cleanliness on the table and workplace. They also provide guests with silverware and glasses.

Who does a Host work with?

The host works in a team with a waitress, a bartender, and a food runner. They report to the restaurant manager. In large catering establishments, there may be several hosts who assist each other.

How much does a host make?

The average annual salary for a hostess is approximately $32,000. It depends on the education and experience of the employee. In addition to their salary, they also receive tips. The better the quality of service provided by the restaurant, the more tips the employee receives.