House Manager Job Description Template

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What is a House Manager?

The house manager usually works in private households. The list of duties depends on the employer. The most popular employee tasks include managing staff at home, organising events, caring for pets, running errands and providing the family with the resources they need.

House Manager Job Description Template

Sample Company specialises in assisting clients with housekeeping. In connection with the expansion of the business, we are looking for a house manager who will oversee the household of our clients. Your responsibility will depend on the customer. We offer high salaries, comfortable working conditions, and career opportunities. Experience in management would be an advantage.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise the work of staff at home;
  • Develop a work schedule for employees;
  • Welcome guests;
  • Organise meetings and events;
  • Manage the family budget;
  • Maintaining cleanliness and privacy policy.

Skills and qualifications

  • High level of communication, organisation, and management skills;
  • Higher education in management is welcome;
  • Have the necessary skills for their role;
  • Fast learner;
  • Ability to work in a team with other staff;
  • Be polite when interacting with a client.

Additional position options

  • Livein;
  • Free trainings for professional development;
  • Daily free meals;
  • Ability to work parttime;

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Duties and Responsibilities

The main task of the house manager is to manage the staff of the estate. The employee plans any events, meetings, and other activities. They also coordinate the responsibilities of other employees and carry out personal errands for the client. If necessary, the house manager buys groceries, does the laundry, and performs other operations with the necessary facilities. Other responsibilities include:

  • Taking care of pets;
  • Perform nannying tasks;
  • Deal with daytoday orders of the employers;
  • Prepare food for guests;
  • Repair broken equipment or order new replacements;
  • Maintaining family correspondence;
  • Ensure the house is clean;
  • Pay customers bills.

Skills and qualifications

The manager of the house must effectively coordinate the actions of the staff and keep order in the household. Therefore, the employee must have good planning skills and an analytical mindset. Accuracy and attention to detail are essential when shopping for groceries, paying bills, and scheduling. Other requirements include:

  • Knowledge of security systems and procedures;
  • Culinary skills;
  • Ability to work with children and pets;
  • Remain calm in a stressful environment;
  • Rationality and attention to detail;
  • Wear staff uniform;
  • Skills in operating the oven, grill, lawnmower, and other equipment.

Experience requirements

Most employers require some work experience. This aspect depends on the number of employees and the size of the household. If the list of duties and the number of subordinates is not very extensive, a candidate without experience may also be hired.

Education requirements

Higher education in management will be an important advantage. Diplomas from courses that develop organisational skills are welcome.


What is a house manager?

The house manager develops schedules, plans events, coordinates the work of the rest of the staff, and performs other tasks for the client. The employee usually lives at the place of work, prepares meals for the family, and looks after children and pets.

What does a house manager do?

The responsibilities of the worker depend on the size of the household and the tasks of the client. The house manager can manage other workers, take inventory of food supplies, and schedule appointments and business trips for the client. Sometimes, an employee may be babysitting, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, going shopping, or paying the family's bills.

What makes a good House Manager?

A candidate for the position of house manager must have good organisational skills as the employee must control all the processes that take place in the household. A qualified worker handles any difficult task of the client.

Who does a House Manager work with?

The house manager works in a team with the housewife, the cook, the cleaner, the gardener, the nanny, and the client's family. Typically, the employee will also contact home service providers.