Kitchen Porter Job Description Template

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What is Kitchen Porter?

The success of other kitchen members rely on the help of a Kitchen Porter or Kitchen Assistant. Their key responsibilities revolve around maintaining a clean kitchen, basic food preparation, arranging materials and equipment, and stocking shelves with ingredients.

Kitchen Porter Job Description Template

At Sample company, we are known for our friendly atmosphere, impeccable service and brilliant staff. If you want experience working in the kitchen alongside a high performing and social team, we want to hear from you. We are looking for a hard-working individual to take on the role of kitchen porter, in which they will be responsible for all dishwashing, cleaning, and basic ingredient preparation. Other tasks will include reporting to management when food supplies are running short, and putting away clean cookware. A fantastic kitchen porter will have excellent organisation and strong communication skills, with the ability to ensure all the rules and laws regarding the health and safety of prepared foods are followed closely.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preparation of simple meals
  • Doing the dishes, cleaning the stove, and putting away the kitchen waste
  • Sorting and storing deliveries
  • Gathering rubbish, cleaning, and mopping floors
  • Cleaning and putting away all kitchen equipment properly
  • Maintaining proper hygiene and food safety in the kitchen by cleaning all storage areas, including the fridge and freezer

Skills and qualifications

  • Acquired skills and qualification in food safety and health standards.
  • Strong endurance for extended shifts
  • Knowledge of varying kitch applicants
  • Advance communication in English language

Additional position options

  • Free staff meals included during your shift
  • Staff discount
  • Pension Scheme
  • Company events
  • Cycle to work Scheme

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Do you need to learn more about the Kitchen Porter position?

Duties and Responsibilities

Any restaurant/ catering business with a big kitchen will require Kitchen Porters. They are essential to the smooth operation of the kitchen by ensuring all ingredients are well stocked and clean cooking equipment is easily accessible to other members of the kitchen. Kitchen Porters may also be asked to help in the cooking or baking of dishes in addition to keeping the kitchen tidy. A Kitchen Porter is responsible for:

  • Wiping down and disinfecting all kitchen surfaces, appliances, and fixtures
  • Thorough cleaning after closing hours in preparation for the following day
  • Keeping equipment like freezers and refrigerators in good working condition
  • Handling kitchen delivery and restocking
  • Cleaning dishes by loading into a dishwasher or by hand
  • Cleaning out kitchen waste and putting rubbish in the correct bins
  • Aiding the Chef in ingredient prep including chopping, peeling, and washing
  • Assisting the Prep Cooks and other cooks in the kitchen with their duties.

Skills and qualifications

Working under a fast paced kitchen means you must have great mental resilience and multitasking skills. As a Kitchen Porter, you'll need to have the following skills:

  • Superb organisational and time management skills
  • Great teamwork
  • Physical fitness to be on your feet for extended periods
  • Enthusiasm and a desire to learn
  • Awareness of food safety regulations

Experience requirements

Kitchen Porters must have at least one year of experience operating and maintaining cooking equipment. They must also have proven experience working in a commercial kitchen environment and lifting heavy tools and kitchen equipment. Experience in food handling and food safety and health regulations is crucial.

Education requirements

Kitchen Porters are often not required to have a certain level of schooling or qualifications. However, any prospective Kitchen Porters should know their way around a kitchen and have some knowledge in using and maintaining kitchen equipment. Knowledge of food safety and hygiene requirements is essentia (e.g. Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace Award or Level 2 Food Safety Award).


How do Kitchen Managers vary from Kitchen Porters?

A Kitchen Porter is a junior staff member that assists the Chef and Cook with cleaning, food preparation, and supply shopping. The Kitchen Manager is accountable for overseeing all operational aspects of the kitchen and is in charge of hiring kitchen staff.

What are the main benefits of the Kitchen Porter position?

Kitchen Porter positions are common since they don't need a certain level of education, and there are many open positions, especially in high season. Becoming a Kitchen Porter is a great entry point for anybody interested in learning more about working in a professional kitchen.

How to create a perfect Kitchen Porter job description

Make sure you’’ve stated your specific requirements that your ideal Kitchen Porter needs, including experience, education/ training, and familiarity with the necessary equipment to succeed in the task. Use bullet points to organize this list so that prospective employees may quickly assess whether or not they meet the requirements. Include details about the salary and benefits package.

What are the career opportunities working as a Kitchen Porter?

Typically, a Kitchen Porter will begin their career as the lowest-level kitchen helper. It is possible to advance to the positions of commis chef, chef de partie, and sous chef after gaining relevant work experience. Many successful Chef’’s first started working in the kitchen as kitchen porters.