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Driving jobs London

Driving jobs in London have exploded in the last few years as online shopping channels have become the global norm. With companies such as Amazon offering next day shipment arrivals, it is no wonder that the demand for driving jobs in London has increased. Under the current Covid-19 pandemic, driving jobs in London are booming even more. 

Ranging from grocery items, restaurant deliveries, product dispatches, clothes delivery etc, driving jobs in London involve picking up any of the above and taking it to the final destination. Those candidates who take on driving jobs in London may process payments, will use different types of vehicles, plan smart routes and will do so with a smile. 

To become a driver, the applicant should have strong communication skills, be reasonably fit to move about packages, a cordial persona and a good sense of the road. To undertake driving jobs in London, it’s essential that the candidate holds the correct license for the vehicle he choses. Whether it’s a cycle, a bike, a car or a van - owning the right class of license is the first step to becoming a driver. A driver’s and courier’s average salary in the UK is £12.50/hour and can go up to £21/hour with experience. 

Here are other types of driving and courier jobs available: 

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