Forklift Jobs in United Kingdom

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Forklift Operator Jobs

A forklift operator is responsible for moving goods within a warehouse or on a building location. They are accountable for loading and unloading products within a vicinity or a construction site. They drive and run specialised machinery and industrial trucks to perform their tasks. A forklift operator takes material and goods in between storage areas, railroad cars, trucks, storage facilities and into loading docks. 

A candidate with previous experience can apply to construction, supply firms, storage or e-commerce companies to obtain a forklift operator job. Many businesses also offer training to novices undertaking a forklift operator job - hence, prior related experience may not be necessary from all hiring companies. To be a great forklift operator, an applicant should have the ability to maneuver the vehicle in question confidently and be able to not only understand but implement the required health and safety standards. To hold a forklift operator job, one must be at least 18 years old and be fit enough to operate such heavy machinery. Owning a UK driver’s license is also sufficient to take on a forlkift operator role as one will not be driving on public roads. The average salary for a forklift operator is £15/hour.  

Here are some popular roles for forklift operator jobs:

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