Cleaning Supervisor Jobs in United Kingdom

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Part-time cleaning jobs

Applicants seeking a part-time cleaning job will perform daily cleaning tasks such as dusting, mopping, waxing and vacuuming. With several kinds of part-time cleaning jobs available, ranging from office cleaning, house cleaning, apartment cleaning, hospital cleaning to hotel cleaning. A candidate can apply to be a janitor, office cleaner, housekeeper, maid and much more. 

Employers usually prefer to hire workers with prior cleaning experience or expertise/If an applicant has no experience, then they may have to undergo on the job training. The ideal cleaning applicant will be relatively fit, quick on their feet and have some knowledge of cleaning procedures including tricks on how to get stains out or clean windows fast. Some cleaning companies may require their workers to have cleared high school as a minimum educational requirement. They will be expected to work flexible hours to cater to when the client is available. A cleaner in the UK can earn anywhere between £10- £15/per hour. It’s a great way to boost one’s income apart from their day job. 

Here are some popular roles for part-time cleaning jobs:

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