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    Teaching Online from Home - Part-Time Position
    Teaching Online from Home - Part-Time Position
    21 days ago
    £20–£40 hourly

    We are currently seeking a dynamic and innovative private tutor to join our exceptional team of educators in the UK. We are specifically looking for a qualified teacher to become an integral part of our group of professional tutors dedicated to supporting students at every stage of their academic journey. At FindTutors, we present you with the opportunity to join our team of educators and help students who require assistance with their school work. We are actively seeking teachers who are proficient in the following areas: - Languages : English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean... - Science : Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology - School : Primary school, Secondary School and University - Extra-curricular activities : Music, guitar, piano… - Computing : Programming, Web design... REQUIREMENTS: - No prior experience necessary. - Knowledge of the subject being taught. ADVANTAGES : - Flexible schedule - Work from anywhere in the UK - Option to work online - Compensation ranging from £20 to £40 per hour.

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