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  • Optifino
    Sales Advisor
    Sales Advisor
    5 days ago
    $50000–$100000 yearly
    Manhattan, New York

    As a Sales Representative at Optifino, you will be at the forefront of our mission, working directly with clients to help them make more money, save more money, and retire early. This role involves strategic outreach through high-volume outbound calls, aiming to enhance our client’s financial well-being. You'll receive the world's best training and tools necessary to thrive in this dynamic environment. Responsibilities Educate potential clients on the value of Optifino’s platform through a high volume of outbound sales calls. Master our products and tailor solutions to client needs, overcoming objections and converting leads into long-term clients. Manage a diverse client pipeline via our CRM system, from initial contact to deal closure. Commit to a consistent schedule to maximize client engagement and sales opportunities. Achieve and exceed monthly sales goals by embracing our comprehensive training and support structures.

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