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Sales & Marketing

Sales refers to all activities that are aimed to sell existing and future products in stock. Marketing is the driving force that undertakes all operations to promote and distribute products and services. It includes advertising, selling and delivering the product. Hand in hand, both work together to provide consumer insights and leads to achieve organisational objectives. 

Sales and marketing candidates identify, research and develop sales/marketing opportunities for a company. Their goal is to amplify sales volume by designing and executing effective marketing campaigns. They’ll manage day-to-day administrative tasks, monitor competitors’ performance, update/manage sales metrics, and devise marketing/sales content for promotional strategies. Applicants interested in sales & marketing jobs can start at entry level and work their way up. If they have prior marketing experience or a relevant degree, the chances of landing a higher paying job increase. A career in sales & marketing can grant you an average hourly salary of £15.20/hour and go up to £40/hour as you climb up your career ladder.  

Here are some popular roles for sales & marketing jobs:

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