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  • Smart Homecare 24.7 LLC
    Home Care Assistant
    Home Care Assistant
    21 days ago
    $21–$25 hourly
    Manhattan, New York

    Job Title: Home Care Companion Caregiver Position Overview: Smart Homecare 24.7 is seeking compassionate individuals to join our team as Home Care Companion Caregivers. As a companion caregiver, you will provide "fellowship" by engaging clients in social, physical, or mental activities, and "protection" by monitoring their safety inside and outside the home. You will also perform routine chores, ensure clients maintain their medical routine, and provide emotional and physical support. Duties and Responsibilities: Engage clients in social, physical, or mental activities Monitor clients' safety inside and outside the home Perform routine chores such as dishes, cleaning, washing, making the bed, and dusting Ensure clients maintain their medical routine and use the right medication Support clients with their emotional or physical issues Run errands such as shopping for groceries, handling bills, or writing letters Provide transportation for clients Welcome new service: Smart Home Automation Installation Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent Previous experience in caregiving or a related field preferred Ability to pass a background check Reliable transportation Compassionate and patient demeanor Excellent communication skills Non-Medical: Provide medication reminders Assist with meal preparation Assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and bathing Provide transportation Salary:$19-$25 per hour Join Our Team: Become a care tech with us at Smart Homecare 24.7 and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. If you are a compassionate individual looking to provide companionship and support to older adults or disabled individuals, we want to hear from you. Apply today and become a valued member of our team! Opportunities to grow both personally and professionally

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