Catering Assistant Jobs in London

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Catering jobs London

Catering jobs in London can represent a very exciting profession. Centered around excellent levels of customer service, you can expect to enjoy a constant change in terms of where you work and communicating with clients will build long-standing relationships that can last for decades. 

There are many duties that you will be required to perform as a caterer. Assistants mainly specialise in preparing a venue for a specific event. They also set up tables, distribute food and transport materials to and from the location. However, there are additional responsibilities to keep in mind such as: 

  • Formulating and submitting event contracts to the customer
  • Making certain that the company remains within its budget
  • Overseeing the preparation of foods and beverages
  • Managing staff during the day of the event itself
  • Serving meals
  • Helping to clean up after the event
  • Obtaining valuable feedback from the client

Here are some popular roles for catering jobs London:

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