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  • Zebra Strategies INC
    Intercept Study Gig Worker
    Intercept Study Gig Worker
    12 days ago
    $16–$18 hourly
    Manhattan, New York

    Job Title: Intercept Study Gig Worker** Job Description: Conduct intercept surveys or interviews with target participants in designated locations (e.g., public places, events, etc.). Approach and engage individuals using established protocols to gather data. Surveys or questionnaires should be administered to collect specific information from participants. Ensure accurate and complete data collection according to study requirements. Record responses and other relevant information in a systematic and organized manner. Maintain confidentiality and data integrity throughout the data collection process. Communicate effectively with study coordinators and team members to provide updates and address any issues. Adhere to study protocols, guidelines, and ethical standards. Complete assigned tasks within specified timelines. Participate in training and debriefing sessions as required. Assist with data entry, cleaning, and preliminary analysis, if needed. Other duties as assigned related to the intercept study. Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent (some positions may require a higher level of education). Previous experience in survey administration, data collection, or similar fieldwork is a plus. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to approach and interact with diverse individuals in a friendly and professional manner. Attention to detail and accuracy in data collection. Reliable and punctual with a flexible schedule. Ability to work independently and follow instructions. Knowledge of research methods and ethics is beneficial. Comfortable using technology for data collection and communication. Additional Requirements: Must reside in the 5 boroughs or upstate New York. Available to work part-time or temporarily as needed for the study.

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