Customer Support

Customer support jobs are part of the customer service industry. Customer support provides guidance to clients about products/services, solves any issues and answers queries. It entails tasks such as giving aid with onboarding, resolving customer problems, upgrading clients or changing service levels and troubleshooting. Customer support can be based through ticket-based help desks, email support, call centers, social media and more. 

This component is an essential part of businesses-no matter how big or small. It ensures consumers’ happiness, engagement and builds consumer loyalty. Also, it’s a great marketing channel as customers can provide feedback directly to the company about product and service quality. 

Whilst customer service is an umbrella term that covers all customer interactions to improve relationships, customer support is just one method utilised to achieve . For instance, when you go to a restaurant, you’ll be received and shown to your table by a waiter. You’ll order food, you’ll eat it and have your bill processed. Each of these touchpoints comes under customer service.  To obtain a customer support job, having your GCSEs’ completed will work in your favour. The ideal candidate will have great communication and interpersonal skills, patience and the ability to multi-task and manage stress. The average salary for a customer support agent is £11.20/hour.  

Here are some popular roles under customer support:

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