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Chef & Cook

A chef and a cook work in the hospitality sector and find employment at cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels. Successful professional chefs and cooks enjoy a diverse rate of career growth as they progress from being an entry level novice to a connoisseur of the culinary arts. 

The difference between a chef and a cook is that the latter is anyone who can put a meal together - whether it be in a familial or at a restaurant style setting. A chef, on the other hand, will have been through rigorous training, either through culinary school or worked their way up. 

There are ways to become a chef even with no qualification. An aspiring chef can start their career as a kitchen porter and move up, experiment with diverse recipes on their own time or find a mentor to become an apprentice under. 

One can choose from the following kind of chef roles: 

  • Commis Chef: A junior role where the applicant learns their way around the kitchen under a senior mentor 
  • Pastry chef: Will bake and cook all sweet edible items 
  • Sous chef: Second in command after the Head Chef and responsible for assisting in the daily operations of the kitchen from staff to cutting/chopping food. 
  • Head chef: In charge of all kitchen management that ranges to staff management, ingredient inventory, cooking operations and such. 

Taking on a chef and cook job, the prospective candidate can earn between you’ll be able to earn between £10.42-£17 per hour. If an applicant wishes to undergo professional chef training, then there are many schools available for enrolment.  

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